A Dentist On Wheels? Open The Pearly Gates

In a city like S.F., an often overheard dialogue has got to be, “Have you downloaded that app? It’s like (insert known start-up here) for (insert untapped market here).” And, while we do hear our fair share of comparisons, we have to say that Studio Dental is like Uber for your choppers — and may just revolutionize the way we feel about going to the dentist.
According to Fast Company, the sleek, modern mobile office’s location is mapped — much like popular ride-sharing services — so you can select and book your appointment through your smartphone (you'll also receive a reminder text the day of). Then, Studio Dental comes to you. How cool is that? Think you’ll get a ho-hum, easy-listening experience? Nope! Founders Dr. Sara Creighton and Lowell Caulder are taking Creighton’s skills, personal approach, and gimlet eye for award-winning interiors (her stationary office was named one of Inc.’s coolest) to formulate a new experience entirely.
Studio Dental already has techie companies like Google and Dropbox chomping at the bit for its services. However, there is one small hurdle — the company needs to raise about $20,000 to get to completion. Take a look at the company’s Indiegogo campaign and we dare you not to be wowed. We're definitely sinking our teeth into this one!
openerPhoto: Via Studio Dental.

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