StreetSpark Is The Grindr For Everyone

If you haven't heard of Grindr, an iPhone app for instant gay meet-ups, you need to catch up on your Law and Order: SVU episodes or have a quick chat with a Chelsea shop boy—either will get you up to speed. Now, heteros can get in on the fun with StreetSpark, a new "social matching location based app." Basically, the program (already a huge hit in the UK) takes your info from Twitter, Facebook, Pandora, and Foursquare to find your perfect match with StreetSpark users. Devised for the ultimate social media queen or king, the connections can be instant—the app utilizes a GPS system and shows the users that are closest to you (or to use their parlance, "in the hood") for a meet-n'-greet on the quick. And because the app is pulling from all your info, you won't get a random 75-year-old looking for his little princess; Instead, there's a good chance you'll meet another Harry Potter fanatic with a penchant for good Pinot Noir, an iPod full of LCD Soundsystem, and an Opening Ceremony habit (uh, TMI?).
To get a bit more specific, when the app finds a potential partner, you get a "spark" on your smartphone. You're shown a limited profiles of your matches, including what you have in common with each Spark, i.e. "You both listened to Radiohead an hour ago on Pandora, regularly check in at Grey Dog coffee shop via Foursquare, and 'like' The New York Times on Facebook" (or, please see above). Then, if you want to dig deeper, you can "ignite" the Spark to see a full profile and talk in real time, or "extinguish" to dismiss the Spark and light some more fires. Which begs the question, "your place or mine?"
Available today here.

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