The Only Shop You Need To Know For Knickknack Gifts

Relatives will be swarming our homes in less than a week, and our pads need to be in tip-top shape. Fresh vacuum lines in our rugs, clothes neatly stored out of sight, and absolutely no dirty dishes left in the sink. After all, what's a good host if not a tidy one? But, if your decor could use a little sprucing as well, we've found a shop that's doling out cool, budget-friendly knickknacks left and right. Meet Still House, a part art gallery, part contemporary design shop that's showcasing a unique selection of gifts, home goods, and accessories.
Since early 2011, founder Urte Tylaite has been hand-selecting a roster of artists and designers from New York City, Japan, Scandinavia, and Europe — but the East Village spot has stayed mainly under the radar, a hidden gem within the Big Apple. So, we decided it was too selfish to keep this place to ourselves any longer. Here, you'll discover items you never knew you needed! For example, there's this apple-shaped trinket box. And, this tiny, tabletop magnifying glass. Explore, browse, and shop 20 covetable buys that'll be welcome additions to your stylish abode — not to mention, they'll totally impress the extended fam on Turkey Day.

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