Steven Klein’s Racy Bathroom Video Starring Amber Valletta Premieres Online Today!

Photographer Steven Klein's saucy little video, "Clorox Blue," will go live for your viewing pleasure today. Starring model-actress-newly-annointed clothing designer Amber Valletta and her two male cohorts Tyson Ballou and Ryan Snyder, it's basically like an extended, more raw, more immediate Klein editorial. From these stills, it looks like Amber's hanging out in the men's bathroom in her bra and some serious bondage, before she's taken in the stalls and ravished. We're excited to see it—this could be like a racier, sexier, less traumatizing version of that men's bathroom scene from American History X. And with better clothes. What could be hotter than that?
Update: It's live! Icky/awesome with shades of Wild at Heart. Check it out.

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