Does This Start-Up Stack Up? Curvio, IMDb For On-Screen Style

Well, wouldn't that be handy? Yes, it seems that someone is claiming to have launched what many have dreamed of and at least a few have attempted – a searchable online database of the clothing used in television shows and movies.
Started just last month, Curvio is trying to be that mythical web site you've always wanted where you could check in right after (or during) the latest Michelle Williams movie or episode of Gossip Girl, and find out where the hell the costume department got that redic sequined dress Blair Waldorf was wearing when she slapped Chuck Bass at Sleep No More (you know the one).
But, alas, Curvio ain't there yet. With only four shows to its name and no links to help you snap up screen-approved styles, it's got a ways to go. But hang in there, little start-up, there are a lot of tube-watching people out there rooting for a site just like you (ourselves included). (Curvio)
Photo: Giovanni Rufino/The CW
  • Yes! I'm always trying to figure out what so-and-so was wearing.
  • I'll use it in a pinch, but I'm never really that interested in on-screen style.
  • Nope–I have other methods... muahaha
  • Dumb idea. Pass.

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