Does This Start-Up Stack Up? Go Try It On Lets You Play Stylist

We're big fans of the buddy system when it comes to shopping — you need someone other than the bored-looking dressing room attendant to tell you if that outfit looks amazing or atrocious on you — but there are times when there's just no one around who can give you an honest opinion. New fashion app Go Try It On lets you post your outfit to their community of over 300,000 users and get real time advice on your ensemble. Got an important interview and not sure if your pencil skirt and button-down shirt is reading more "slutty librarian" than "young professional?" Ask the community! Need advice on what shoes will go best with that hot cocktail dress? Bring it to your online peeps.
Now we know what you're thinking: "The last thing I want to do is broadcast a picture of myself in drop-crotch skinny jeans over the Interwebs." Go Try It On gives you the option of sharing with the entire community or just with your group of friends. They've also snagged experts from Sephora, Gap, and to offer their professional style advice.
Think you can give Rachel Zoe a run for her latte money? You can also sign up to be a personal stylist, and have people subscribe to your page to get your opinions. Each time one of your "clients" has a new outfit they want you to weigh in on, you get a notification to check it out. The site is all about constructive criticism, not judging other people on their fashion choices, so mean girls need not apply. Try it out (get it?) at Go Try It On here — and tell us if you think you'll be making it your new shopping buddy or if it's just a flash in the fashion apps pan.
Photos: Courtesy of Go Try It On

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