How To Do Denim This Spring, According To A Rising Fashion Star

We'd imagine it's pretty hard keeping up with Samia Hampstead, Jersey-raised model of Caribbean descent, who spends her days running between castings, events, and meet-ups with friends throughout NYC. Never not on the move, the self-proclaimed jean queen swears by comfort over everything and is probably lugging around an extra pair of kicks in her bag right now for any last-minute outfit switch-ups. Luckily for us (and her nearly 63K IG followers), we can keep tabs on the fashion girl's sartorial adventures with a simple scroll of our screens.
In an effort to find out some of her secrets, we managed to squeeze ourselves into Hampstead's busy schedule — meeting up with the rising internet star to get a masterclass on all things spring style. (Just take a look at how she brings her fresh aesthetic to every pair of AG Jeans denim, below.) We picked the twentysomething's brain on her '90s-inspired vibe, her affinity for a killer pair of straight-leg jeans, and her foolproof advice on crafting your own authentic style. (Hint: It's a lot easier than you think.) Get the full scoop, just below.
So first things first. Tell us about your personal style.
"I'm all about comfort over everything, to a certain extent. I tend to fall into more mid-'90s styles, with mom jeans, crop tops, sweaters, and sneakers. But I’m also not afraid to step out of that comfort zone if I know something is going to look — and make me feel — amazing."
Would you say you’re a jean queen, then?
"Oh, big time. I’m always wearing jeans. And that’s like really real. I can’t remember any big life moment when I wasn’t wearing jeans."
What denim styles do you tend to gravitate towards?
"I love a straight-leg style. I also like when it’s a little looser in the thigh area, so that it fits my proportions well."
What do you typically wear with jeans?
"I like cropped T-shirts, ribbed turtlenecks, or even oversized sweaters that I can tuck into the waistband. I have a lot of zip-up sweater jackets, too — because with this weird weather, I’d rather be layered up."
What’s your day-to-day like? How much does your schedule affect what you wear?
"I end up doing a lot of running around, whether it’s to castings or events or anything like that. It’s imperative that I’m comfortable, so I can go the whole day wearing whatever outfit I’m in. I usually have a bag on me and will bring a change of shoes or a different top, just in case I have to switch it up really quickly."
That’s a great hack. So, what — or who — inspires your style?
"Definitely my mom. My mom dressed super cool in the '90s, and she’s also the kind of person who likes to be comfortable, so that’s where I get it from. A lot of my outfits are just updated versions of hers. I even raid her closet for old items."
Have you found any gems?
"Oh my god, yes, and she accidentally gave it away. It was this old bomber jacket from the '90s. It’s gold and red on the inside and black on the outside, and it was reversible. Ugh. That was my favorite thing I’ve ever seen."
How has your style changed over the last few years?
"It’s pretty much stayed the same. The whole '90s thing is very trendy, but it’s always just been something that I’m very comfortable in. Recently, I’ve started incorporating more colorful pieces into my wardrobe; I used to stick to just neutrals before. Between bright-orange pants, bold-red sweaters, and light-pink crop tops, I’ve been buying pieces lately that are colorful but still comfortable."
Spring is just around the corner. Any trends you’re particularly excited to try?
"I want to incorporate mules and different kinds of shoes into my look, because I’m very much a sneakers-and-boots-all-the-time person. I just need to step a little bit out of my comfort zone."
I’m loving this pastel look on you. It’s definitely a bit of a departure from your usual lewk. How did you feel wearing it?
"It’s cool to switch it up and try something really feminine and pretty. I’m also somewhat newly in a relationship, and it just kind of makes everything feel different. Like, some things that were weird to me before now make me think, Oh, that’s so sweet, that’s so cute."
This prep-school vibe with the cardigan is really fun, too.
"It's similar to my vibe in high school, being an athlete, but I still fall back on more of a '90s look. I do think something like a letterman jacket looks great, though. I have an athletic look, so I think I can pull it off."
Lastly, do you have any advice for people trying to nail down their authentic style?
"For me personally, it always comes from a place of comfort, so do what you're comfortable with and then take a few step outside of that. That’s when you find those unexpected pieces you maybe didn’t think you could pull off, and that’s how you build a very authentic wardrobe."

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