3 Fresh Braids For Any Skill Level

As beauty trends have evolved, our hair has really taken one for the team. There was the period where we fried our hair into stick-straight oblivion (oops), months we wore nothing but messy topknots, and don't get us started on all the bottles of crunchy gel we slicked on. But one hairstyle has remained a constant — and for good reason. Yep, we're talking about braids.
No matter how much time goes by, braids are always cool. They rule the runways, populate our Instagram feeds, and make us want to up our skill set year after year. That's not to say there's nothing new to see here. We teamed up with expert hairstylist Charlie Taylor and the place we consider our second home, Sephora, to bring you three fresh braids for every skill level. Whether you're all about the simple three-strand or have since graduated to Dutch and inside-out braids (don't fret; we'll explain), you'll find new inspiration here.

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