Spencer Pratt’s Movie Release (Something Free You Won’t Want)

The ever-ambitious Spencer Pratt seems like he's decided to elevate his (for lack of a better word) career from the role of reality-TV show villain to the maker of free-for-all youtube feature films. We're not really sure what his role in the production wholly entailed, but we do know that the title of the movie is
Tower 69: Malibu Beach Patrol Featuring 3D Boobs
. And although Pratt confirms that boobs will indeed be a main feature of the flick, he recently released a rather confusing sneak peek clip. With trademark crazy eyes, Pratt screams at a seashell, vaguely describes the free film, and shows a clip of a shaky-handed, mumbling, mustached man pointing a gun at the screen. Beats us. To see the film that Pratt self-proclaimingly tweeted as "the movie Stanley Kubrick always wanted to make" check out its full-length release on youtube. We'll probably sit this one out, do feel free to post your reviews here! (RadarOnline)


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