Sound Tracking: Grace Jones Returns, Blackblack Morning Light, Girl Talk, DJ Rupture, and Marc Jacobs' Swedish Obsession

Full of Grace: Saints be praised! The hiatus of art-disco and avant fashion icon Grace Jones comes to an end when her new studio album, Hurricane, drops in December. Her new single "William's Blood" has already been remixed by acclaimed Belgian disco duo Aeroplane into dancefloor fire. Inexplicably rejected by Grace's label, the remix has since flourished online. Check it out at Hype Machine, but be warned, it may interfere with activities like sitting still and not shaking that ass.
More sweet, sweet music below.

Mixology Lessons: If you're looking for a junky sugar rush, or some jams for your next sparks-fuelled slumber party, then attend one of Girl Talk's three upcoming throwdowns, where you can hear Biggie Smalls grunt over Nirvana guitars (November 15, 16 and 18 at Terminal 5). Should your palette for the schizo-mix run a bit finer, don't sleep on DJ Rupture's latest, Uproot, which scurries without pause through a dense hip-hop, reggae, jungle, dubstep, and unclassifiable futuristic afro-rhythms.
Bring Your Dreamcatcher: Neo-hippie duo Brightblack Morning Light are back from a vision quest and in town next week to support their sophomore album. Recorded in an adobe hut using solar panels, Motion to Rejoin is a heady dose of bluesy, shamanistic psych-folk, packed with spiritual stone-outs and Rhodes-led narco lullabies. Maybe if you're lucky, drummer Naybob will sing with an arrowhead in his mouth, like last time. Catch them November 17 at Le Poisson Rouge or November 18 at Southpaw.
Swedish Meatballs: Finally, not to let the cat out of the bag, but rumors say Marc Jacobs' next collection is an homage to Swedish dance bands from the 1970s like Profilerna and Teddy Boys. Genius!

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