Today's 2-Minute Diversion: Sh*t People In DC Say

We get it — the "sh*t so-and-so says" franchise is pretty played out. But if you've lived in D.C. for a while (or are the least bit familiar with our capital culture), you'll get a laugh out of the "Sh*t People In DC Say" video from the folks over at SocialStudies.
It's all here — the thinly veiled disdain for people who say they're from Washington, but really aren't; the complaints about getting to H Street NE; the heartbreak served up by our local sports teams, the list goes on.... Watch the video below, and weigh in with your comments: Any pet peeves about life in D.C. that should have made the cut? We'll start: cabbies who don't take credit cards. Now you go.

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