Here Are All Of SNL Stefon’s NYC Clubs (DJ Baby Bok Choy, In The House!)

You know when people quote something funny and think they're just as funny as the person who originally said the quote? That really only works with SNL skits, and perhaps none is better than Stefon, the crazy but somehow lovable party animal that tells us all the latest scoop on NYC hotspots with a segment on Weekend Update. And just in case you're unable to picture, "DJ Baby Bok Choy...a giant 300-pound Chinese baby who wears tinted aviator glasses and spins records with his little ravioli hands," we've got a fully illustrated journal of all of the clubs (and creatures) he mentions. When you're done flipping through, why don't you go ahead an meet us at Crease — we'll be there amidst the "ights, psychos, Furbies, screaming babies in Mozart wigs, sunburnt drifters with soapsuds beards...It’s that thing where a hobo becomes a rich man, so they take the big bubble bath." (SplitSider)

Photo: Via SplitSider

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