Here’s How To Optimize Your Small Space — Without Sacrificing Style

When you live in a small space, finding clever ways to store your stuff is paramount, and the instinct is often to prioritize functionality over aesthetic (looking at you, plastic, over-the-door shoe rack). But optimizing your space doesn’t have to come at the expense of your personal style. The key is finding those pieces that double as smart storage and decor. Consider a set of sleek nesting tables or a TV cabinet that also serves as a bookshelf and vinyl rack; it's the small details of each individual piece that add up to a home that feels both personal and practical. And when you're able to select items that really embody your individual taste, you're all the more likely to feel truly at home in your space.
To that point, we partnered with American Signature Furniture (the purveyors of Designer Looks — low-cost, high-quality collections) to present five pieces that will help you reimagine your small space’s interior design — with storage and style in mind.

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