Skinny Chicks Step Aside: Hairy Dudes and Bodacious Babes Are Taking Over the Runway

Models are beautiful, tall, and...burly? Yep, the last few seasons have seen more and more designers turning a cheek to the whole super-skinny model thing in favor of a few less conventional cat-walkers. The result? From scary, hairy, husky dudes (thanks Vivienne Westwood!) to buxom gals in super-short minis (à la Mark Fast), this new model trend is sure keeping the typical shows a lot more interesting!
Mark Fast
Last week the designer caused a stir by using fuller-figure models to show off his skin-tight dresses. While the debate wages on about the fit of the dress and undies, we still loved seeing these gorgeous babes on the runway.
Above: Mark Fast spring '10, image from
The British designer featured models ranging in ages up to 70, giving new meaning to the term 'silver fox.'
Above: Sykes spring '10, image from
Elise Overland
Dude look like a lady! Believe it or not, that's actually the very hot male model Martin Cohn wearing a dress and a glam stilettos. Yes, we know, his legs are leggier than ours any day.
Above: Elise Overland spring '10, image from
Vivienne Westwood
We're not sure if he's sashaying down the runway or thinking about the best way to chokehold Tim Blanks in the front row. Either way, we like him.
Above: Vivienne Westwood menswear spring '09, image from
Jean-Paul Gaultier
What do tuxedoed children, 51-year-old beauty Inès de la Fressange and size 20 models all have in common? They've all walked for couture master Jean-Paul Gaultier.
Above, from left: Gaultier menswear fall '09, image from; Gaultier Couture spring '09, image from; Gaultier spring '07, image from
Ann Demeulemeester
We dare anyone not to fall in love with these dapper older gents.
Above: Ann Demeulemeester menswear spring '09, image from
Yohji Yamamoto
Who would think that a runway show could ever make us miss our grandfathers? Now, if only we could get him to trash his 10-year-old trousers and orthopedics and start wearing Yohji!
Above: Yohji Yamamoto menswear spring '09, image from
Mimi Weddell as muse and model at 93 must be the envy of all seniors. We hope we're this sassy when we hit the big 9-0.
Above, from left: Lorick spring '09, images from and

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