16 Seasonal Skin Tips Every S.F.’er Needs To Know!

In the Bay Area, we can visit snow when we want, and leave it on the slopes when we’ve had our fun — much to the envy of our powder-shoveling, East Coast brethren. Even so, there’s no denying sweater weather is upon us here at home, which means there will be plenty of overzealous heaters running on full blast, very soon. And of course, when the hot air is cranked up, skin dries out. For some, the cold just means tightness, while for others, chapping, splotchiness, and premature wrinkles have their heyday. Trust us, it’s not the cutest look.
To take control of your skin’s health this winter, we spoke to local expert Dr. Eleni Linos, an assistant professor of dermatology at UCSF, who offered 16 important skin-care rules that are must-follows. From using a mild soap to moisturizing on-the-go, we’ve taken Dr. Linos’ advice to heart and slathered on dozens of creams and treatments to help you zero in on your own winter-product lineup. Read on to find the best beauty tips and products for surviving S.F. winters.