Can Mixing Skin Creams Be Causing Your Face To Freak Out?

We don’t know about you, but when our skin is looking less than its best, our first reaction is to start layering on the problem-solving products in an effort to stop that zit, wrinkle, or brown spot in its tracks. But according to our friends at Beautylish, we might actually be making our skin problems worse by piling on the products. Say what?
We love layering in so many aspects of our lives (shirts, nail polish, the list goes on...), so we assumed that slathering on every moisturizer in our cabinet would make our skin ridiculously radiant. Turns out that when you mix certain ingredients together, they can cancel each other out, or worse, they can actually cause a reaction in your skin that manifests as a rash or a breakout. Streamline your skin care routine so you don't suffer from product overload, and carefully read up on the ingredients in your products and learn how they react with each other. When in doubt, always ask your derm — they can tell you what can be mixed and what should be worn alone. (Beautylish)
Photo: Via Beautylish