10 Skin Lies You Need To Stop Telling

Telling a lie to save your skin is just human nature ("that email must have gone to spam," "traffic is terrible," "I have to work and can’t make it"). But, when it comes to your skin, dishonesty can be your demise.
“Sometimes, patients are unintentionally dishonest,” says New York City dermatologist Doris Day, MD, author of Forget the Facelift. “If they’re afraid of the diagnosis and don’t want to hear they could have herpes or cancer, patients might minimize or omit info out of fear that the diagnosis is serious.”
Dermatologists often hear lies because a patient doesn’t want to fess up to bad behavior, Dr. Day says. But, no matter the motivation, honesty is always the best policy. “We’re here to heal, not judge,” she explains, “and we need the best information to solve your problems.”
Not to mention the fact that your dishonesty could backfire and leave you with scars, irritated skin, money wasted on products, and worst case, a missed cancer diagnosis. Next time you visit your dermatologist or aesthetician, remember they can handle the truth about your habits with sunscreen, obsession with picking, or just plain laziness. These serious complexion-ruiners should give you enough reason to be honest about your skin.  
Ahead, the 10 worst skin fibs and why you need to come clean.   

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