“Sir Anna”? Vogue Editrix Garners O.B.E.

Or maybe that should be, "Dame Anna." Yes, we all knew that Anna Wintour, the queen of fashion editors, is royalty in her industry. Now she has an honor to go along with it. We mentioned a while ago that our favorite editorial obsession, Wintour, had earned an Order of the British Empirenow it's official. But, as the Vogue monarch says of the O.B.E., "Many of my American colleagues are not quite sure what it is." Well, 'mericans, the O.B.E. is not so much a knighthood in of itself (she is not officially a "dame") but a high, open-ended honor for services to the Empire given by H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II (Rudy Giuliani has one, for instance). And what comes with it other than a nifty title, a nice ceremony, and some natty hardware (seen left)? Well, not much really. Certainly, it's an achievement us yanks can't really understand (Kennedy Center Honors are our closest analog) and it's great cocktail party fodder. But if there's anyone who has no need of more imperious distinction, it's Duchess Anna of 4 Times Square. (Vogue UK)

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