Runway Report: Sue Stemp

There's nothing like a New York penthouse loft soirée on a late summer evening, especially when it's filled to the brim with delectable snacks like chocolate-dipped strawberries and handsome lads frothing up some fancy cocktails with names like "The Italian Job." Sue Stemp's show last night offered all of the above along with her flowerly, flowing designs. Two Mandy DJs—two hot girls in their partiest of Stemp designs—played a mix of what all the cool kids are listening to (MGMT, the Virgins, etc.) while comely girls with sashes and feathers around their heads (the sashiest being Miss Arden Wohl, who hosted the event along with The Supper Club) sauntered around snacking on the occasional spear of white asparagus.
While Stemp's list of inspirations for her Spring 2009 collection is a hodgepodge—from John Singer Sargent to Spandau Ballet—the designer's glossy frocks were all dancing to a modern beat. Black and ivory with a blushy pink and watercolor-like rose prints in diaphanous fabrics kept the mood light, frothy, and fun. The all-white high-waisted shorts with blousy with inky-black flower-imprinted T-shirts kept things light and hot, while a nightgown-like gown in sheer black put a wee Peggy-Bundy-does-Mae-West damper on the show. But, really, doesn't it all just depend on what kind of party it's going to be?

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