Were You The Dopest Doodler? Here Are Our Numerous Drawings Contest Winners!

If you blindfolded us and asked us to sketch something, we assume the result would be one crazy, hot mess. But that's not the case for the winners of the Refinery29 X Shipley & Halmos "No Look" Sketch Contest. After many submissions and, as the guys tell us, a very tight competition, they have announced their winner. Congratulations to An Hoang, whose Woody Allen drawing (above, left) would make any of the funny man's fans uber-proud. Plus, for being such an amazing "No Look" artist, An scored a THINGS! by S&H drawing package including an artist canvas tote bag, Moleskine for Numerous Drawings limited- edition notebook with a special hand-written note from Sam himself (consider us jealous) and a pack of art career pencils. The three runners up, Craig Michael (cat, below, left), Elizabeth Moy (David Letterman, above, right) and Mara Sloane (Stephen Hawking, below, right), also walk away with a Moleskine for Numerous Drawings limited edition notebook. Congrats sketchers and Happy Birthday Numerous Drawings!

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