Want To Change Your Life For Real In 2017? These Text Messages Can Help You Do It

Photo: Shine Text
ICYMI: 2016 was kind of a doozy. Okay, it was a total doozy that outdoozied itself. But time marches on, and all of us want a happier, healthier 2017. But those standard, pipe-dream-like New Year's resolutions probably often just set us up for failure. Instead of focusing on what we have to fix (and beating ourselves up when we fall short), why not build on the strengths, powers, and innermost awesomeness we already have? Our friends at Shine are making it happen with #ResolutionRealTalk, a new intentionality bot that helps us track, set, and celebrate our New Year’s resolutions. It's free and easy to join. In fact, the good vibes will come to us. Here's how it works: Start by setting an objective for 2017, like being more present and productive. Every morning, Shine will text advice for working on the intention, checking in and cheering you on as you go. Then, you'll follow that intention toward your goal, until...you're just living it. There's no nagging or judgment, just self-compassion, self-care, and actual achievement. For real. #ResolutionRealTalk starts now — sign up!

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