You Can Get Arrested For Wearing An Awesome Ring To The Airport

We're all guilty of being slaves to fashion around here, but actually spending time in the slammer for our wardrobe? We'll pass. Unfortunately for writer Tatiana Johnson, wearing a Shepard Fairey ring to the airport earned her a charge of criminal possession of a weapon and a one-way ticket to jail. We can see why the police might have done a double-take, as the three-finger construction of the ring vaguely resembles brass knuckles and the bomb-like shape of the decoration can raise an eyebrow in this day and age (even though it does say "the war is over"), so a few questions are understandable. Being sent to the pokey? Not so much. Check out the details of Tatiana's awful adventure below, and remember to leave all your vaguely pointy jewelry at home next time you're headed to the airport.
"On what seemed like a great day for two best friends to fly home to Tennessee, I ended up a jail cell. It was about 9:45 a.m., and I was cheerful and excited about my quick visit home to see my family. Originally from New York, I came back after college to build my name in the music, fashion, and journalism world (looks like I’m well on my way now). I don’t like wearing too much jewelry at the airport because of the metal detectors, so I usually wear earrings and my favorite ring. On May 18, 2011, I was told to take off my shoes, hooded college radio sweatshirt, and jewelry, and put them on the conveyor belt as usual. I did that and walked through the metal detector. Next thing you know, they were asking if the items belonged to me. I said yes. They said I had to wait for a supervisor and I asked why. I was told by the TSA employee that my ring looks like a 'weapon.' I looked at him and said I don’t understand, 'I wear this ring all the time and can ensure that it’s not a weapon.' He told me not to worry and someone would be right over so that my friend and I could make our flight. As we waited not only did one other TSA employee come over, but two more. Then I was told to show my identification and plane ticket. I did as I was told and asked what the problem was, and told them my flight was leaving in an hour. They then told me a police officer would have to come over and check the ring. I said 'if it’s going to be that much trouble you can throw it away...I just want to make my flight home. '
Next, there were about five police officers with me and they told me they had to wait for the sergeant or commissioner. This is when I felt either Ashton Kutcher was going to come out or this was really serious. I was told I was being placed under arrest. I tried to give them the ring, but the officers said it wasn’t an option and that I would be going to the jail at Laguardia Airport. I was shocked and embarrassed, yet still remained calm. The police then put me in handcuffs and escorted me out of the building like a stone cold criminal. My friend had to stay at the airport and they told her it would be no more than three hours. She asked about the flight and they said it wasn’t their problem and the airline would PROBABLY have no problem giving us another flight.
I went in the cop car, got to the jail, sat in a cell, and was asked to take the laces out of my shoes and sit until it was time to get finger printed and 'interrogated.' I was read my Miranda rights, looked up in the system, then spent another hour in the cell. By the time I got out it was 1:00 p.m. and I was charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Fourth Degree and given a ticket for $265.01. The cops ensured that my charges would be dropped since I didn't have a record, and this would not be the start of it. I am now waiting for my court date on June 16. If I am not in court, which is not an option, I will have a warrant for my arrest. It’s clearly a ring and not a brass knuckle. It’s actually from, Shepard Fairey's Obey line. It says "War Is Over", so it represents peace, yet it caused trouble."

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