A Fake Hermes Birkin That’s Actually Okay To Buy

Yesterday, we told you about our favorite new e-commerce site, Grey Area, which sells limited-edition, hard-to-find pieces from artists and designers like Ed Ruscha, Tracy Emin, and Anndra Neen. Having spent much of last night perusing the site over, and over, and over again, we finally decided on the one dream-ticket purchase we need to make. And...it's a fake. Well, kind of—this Hermès Birkin is not something you'd ever find on Canal Street. Dubbed "Homemade Birkin Bag," this It Accessory comes courtesy of New York-based artist Shelter Serra (the dude behind those faux Rolexes), who created a cast-resin homage that was produced in an edition of 20. "The elegance and absurdity of an object that functions not much differently than a plastic bag, but costs more than a few months' rent intrigued me," says Serra. "In taking this object and remaking it in plastic, rendering it functionless [it's two-dimensional], I hope to give it a little twist and heighten people’s awareness of the things we encounter and take for granted everyday.” We're not sure how much Serra's pad costs, but we think that at $2,500, it's not exactly rent-friendly either. Wonder which will be worth more in 10 years...

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