This Is The Best Way To Cook During The Week

Photographed by Lisa Shin; Food Styled by Jen Beauchesne; Prop Styled by Alex Brannian
Cooking during the week shouldn't be complicated or messy. We need quick, easy, and healthy meals with minimal cleanup, because we're pretty much always strapped for time. After our one-pot recipes were a hit, we wanted to figure out a way to stretch that concept even further. Which is exactly how we landed on sheet pan meals.
If you've never made one before, don't worry! These are even easier than our one-pot recipes — you'll just need one cookie or baking sheet. It's truly as simple as throwing a bunch of ingredients onto a sheet pan, then baking them until dinner is ready. And we won't judge if you want to eat your dinner straight off the pan — that means even less dishes to wash!

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