How Your Zodiac Sign Helps You Understand Your Sexual Desires

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Sex is complicated. And figuring out your own preferences is a lifelong process that can take lots of trial and error. If, of all things, astrology can help us along in our exploration, we'll happily direct our gaze skyward.
As those who have had their birth chart read know, your Venus and Mars signs can help you understand how you behave in romantic and sexual relationships. Your Mars sign can even give you some clarity about how you like it in bed. But, the celestial body that will truly define you as a sexual being is Eros, one of the major asteroids in astrology.
Named for the Greek god of love, Eros fittingly reveals your erotic inclinations. Its position in you chart indicates how you treat your lovers, how you like them to treat you, and your personality quirks that only emerge while between the sheets. More simply, Eros can help you understand your turn-ons.
For example, having Eros in Cancer, a water sign known for its tendency to feel things deeply, suggests that you crave intimacy and an emotional connection with your partner. You may prefer long-term relationships to casual dating or occasional hookups. And, once your relationship is serious enough, you'll want to share your home with your partner (cohabitation is key for Cancers).
By contrast, someone with Eros in Sagittarius is probably more playful in bed, though passion still plays a major role. With this asteroid placed in a fire sign, you can bet this individual likes it hot and heavy — and might get restless if things cool off.
As with any other point on a natal chart, you can read a lot into your Eros sign — as lesser-known heavenly bodies go, it can be highly informative. But never lose sight of the whole picture your chart can paint when it comes to your sex life. Be sure to take your moon, Venus, and Mars signs into account while researching and embracing your Eros identity. Plus, when you view all four of these signs together, they may add up to a sum that you relate to even more.
Ready to learn more about your sexual side? Find out your Eros sign here.
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