How To Charge Your Sex Toys By The Light Of The Moon

Photographed by Kaitlyn Flannagan.
The moon is a powerful source of energy. We use the lunar phases to give us vitality and vigor because they mark times when we are emotionally receptive to the moon's power. Charging water, crystals, and sex toys under the moon (particularly the new or full moon) can be done to enhance healing, growth, energy, and spiritual advancement.
The best time to charge your sex toys would be during the new moon for a fresh start or the full moon for an opportunity to maximize our strength and manifest. Drawing down the moon brings gentle transformation and change to our lives — which is why it’s an important part of the magical toolbox. 
Let’s get started…

How to choose the right product

Personally, when it comes to choosing your sex toys, I would use Chakrubs products because they are made of crystal and charging them under the new and full moon could lead to amazing energetic results, since the moon can cleanse and empower them. If you’re looking to add self-love or confidence to your aura, then a rose quartz wand may be the best choice for you. Or, if you want an intense sexual experience that releases tension and heals during the process of orgasming, you should try a black obsidian dildo. You can also use your own sex toys if you want or don’t have access to these.

Find your intention and light a candle

Now, comes the fun and inventive part. Meditate for a few minutes and think about what you want to bring to your life. Let’s say you want a deeper relationship or someone new to date, then you can think on that whilst setting your intention. Perhaps you’re looking for a job, a better sex life, more notoriety — whatever your desires are, it’s time to be upfront and vocalize them to yourself. Write them down on a piece of parchment paper. As you are scribbling, focus intently on your goals and hopes. 
Depending on the intention you’re seeking, you will have to use a candle that aligns with it. A red candle is ideal for bringing lust and passion into your life, green for money, pink for love, yellow or gold for confidence, purple for abundance, orange for joy or creativity, white for cleansing, brown for stability, or a silver candle for victory. Some people like to use candles in the shape of genitalia. You can use a regular taper candle in the color of your intention to cut costs or if you don’t have access to any other products. 

Carving into the candle and cleansing your space

Now, carve your name and astrological sign into the candle. I like to anoint the candle with oils and herbs that align with the energy I want to harness. Drizzle a tiny drop of oil in the palm of your hand and rub the candle between your hands so it absorbs it and put a dash of herbs on a piece of paper or plate and roll the candle in it. The oil should help seal in the herbs. Here’s a list of oils and herbs you can use. 
This is the perfect time to do a mini cleansing ritual before you light the candle by burning dried lavender or having fresh lavender in your dwelling. It’s important to clear the negative energy out of your space before performing any ritual. Smudge the lavender around your sex toys after you thoroughly cleanse them by soaking them in salt water and antibacterial soap. Do the same for the energy that surrounds you and the crystals you’re going to use. 
Take the piece of parchment paper that you used to write your dreams down and place it underneath a bowl that is filled half to the brim with water for fire safety purposes. Put the candle in the bowl and light it when ready. 

How to start charging

Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for. Take your sex toys and place them on your altar (if it’s by a window), outside, or anywhere they can access the sky to be under the gaze of the moon for 24 hours. Surround your sex toys with crystals — you can choose any crystals that speak to you to make a crystal grid or place them in the four corners that surround your sex toys and surround them with a circle of protection (you can use salt for this). 
Once your sex toys are fully charged, they’ll be ready to go! And, will be infused with the energy you manifested. The next time you use them, you can manifest your visions by meditating on the energy you desire as you orgasm and bring your dreams to life. 

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