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Like A Kid In A Beauty Shop! Sephora Celebrates 15 Years In The Biz

It's hard to remember there was ever a time when gals didn't have the coliseum-like, cosmetics emporium Sephora to get dolled up at. So, to look back at the last 15 years (it's been that long!) of lengthening our eyelashes, rouging our cheeks, and painting our pouts, the S.F.-based beauty behemoth is commemorating in the most Bay Area way possible — via animated GIFs.
Beginning with 1997 (when LVMH first acquired the chain), this in-motion timeline focuses on the trendy cosmetic fads of our past — anyone remember the hair-straightening fad or the lipgloss craze? Flash forward to the present and you get a peek into Sephora's unbelievable coups, like how it now carries over 13-thousand different products. Bottom line, it's a must see for any beauty queen. Peep the entire timeline here, and let your mind wander on what the next 15 years will bring to our makeup cases!

Photo: Via Sephora