Turn The Painful Relics of Your Broken Relationship Into Cash Money

So, your latest relationship has come crashing to an end. Don’t worry – it wasn’t you, it was him (or was it?) You’ll learn to love again (or will you?) Look, those minor questions can wait – right now the real issue at hand is: How are you going to get rid of all the gifts and mementos that remind you of his stupid, smirking face?
As dramatic and enjoyable as a bonfire can be, it’s neither safe, environmentally friendly, nor, as GOOD magazine points out, the most profitable option. The ingeniously named startup Never Liked It Anyway offers both an online marketplace for reselling all those presents Mr. Ex gave you and a forum for sharing your heartbreak.
Even if you’re not recently separated, the site is a great resource for discounted jewelry, clothing, and — tears! – wedding dresses. Either way, Never Liked It Anyway could help you save money on a rebound wardrobe perfect for scoring a new hottie. (Never Liked It Anyway)
Photo: Courtesy of Never Liked It Anyway

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