9 Things We Will Never Apologize For

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Certain things in life are non-negotiable. That could mean something as big-picture as your personal finance rules, or something as minor as what kind of wine you order with dinner. Here's the thing: Neither of those things are trivial, nor is anything in between. We all have likes, dislikes, preferences, and routines that we refuse to budge on — and we shouldn't have to apologize for that.
Some might call this "self-care." And while the term itself has been watered down to mean lots of things (some more serious than others), sometimes a person just has to do something for themselves while actively deciding to forgo guilt.
A lot of people have their own version of this. So we asked R29 staffers to share the one thing they always make time for, even if it isn't considered a "necessity." From manicures to doing laundry on Sunday no matter what, these are the things we'll never feel sorry about doing for ourselves.
When you're done reading, share your own non-negotiables in the comments.
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