Did Lisa Vanderpump Really Cancel See You Next Tuesday After Firing James Kennedy?

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo.
If you’re a mega fan of Vanderpump Rules, then you’ve probably thought about finding your way to SUR Restaurant in West Hollywood more than a few times. But following James Kennedy’s recent firing on an episode Vanderpump Rules, SUR’s See You Next Tuesday DJ nights might no longer be an option for die-hard fans hoping to visit the series’ focal restaurant.
The hot spot once held regular Tuesday night bashes, catering specifically to Vanderpump Rules fans by featuring beats by James, who regrettably refers to himself as “White Kanye.” But by the fourth episode of Vanderpump Rules’ seventh season, James was fired from SUR and the future of See You Next Tuesdays was dire. And from the looks of things, the event is actually no more. When we reached out to the restaurant following the fateful episode, a receptionist confirmed that SUR is “no longer doing an event on Tuesdays.” Now, that doesn’t mean the event can’t come back at a later date (after all, cancelling the event in earnest while Season 7 airs helps keep the Vanderpump Rules mystery of whether or not James gets his job back alive). All we know for sure is that See You Next Tuesday is gone… for the moment.
Of course, there are a few reasons why Lisa might have truly cancelled the event for good. James is the essentially the villain of Vanderpump Rules Season 7 and during some raunchier-than-usual drunken behavior, he brought up Jax’s cheating in front of Brittany in public (and made her cry and feel uncomfortable at her place of work). Days later, James was visibly drunk again and proceeded to fat-shame fellow SUR-ver Katie Maloney, which led to her giving Lisa an ultimatum: fire him or I quit. James essentially ran amok at SUR and Maloney decided it was the final straw, telling Vanderpump, “This has been my home for almost nine years. I don’t think I am willing to work at a place that this is tolerated.”
Following the ultimatum, Lisa followed through and fired James citing his past poor treatment of the women who work at SUR, including but not limited to the issue with Katie, which resulted in many tears and even his mom visiting Lisa and pleading for him to get his job back. Following the final straws with Katie and Brittany, James was disinvited to Ariana’s and Stassi’s joint birthday bash and seems to be being pushed further out of the group. Despite bad behavior from all cast members throughout the seasons, James is the first one who seems to have successfully isolated himself from everyone all at once.
Despite his behavior, it’s easy to see why Lisa would be conflicted about losing his DJ nights forever. See You Next Tuesday was definitely a benefit for fans and WeHo visitors alike to enjoy. To eat at SUR and experience James’ DJing live in person required a reservation and some planning, but the restaurant and James himself marketed when he would be spinning. It was all-in-all, a pretty manageable way for fans to get a piece of the Vanderpump action. But if James’ behavior continues the way it has throughout Season 7 of Bravo’s beloved reality show, there’s a possibility the DJ night is actually gone for good. After all, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz’s Tom Tom is open just around the corner from SUR now, and it’s the far more trendy way to get a little piece of the Bravolebrity action.

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