See Public Strip Poker For Economic Justice This Weekend

Where there's art, there's bound to be a bit of nudity. But poker? Well, that's a new one on us. If you're curious to see how strip poker and NSFW art combine into social commentary, head down to Tribeca this weekend where Zefrey Throwell's installation, I'll Raise You One… will appear in the front window of the Art in General gallery. Meant as a commentary on economic inequality (the players who start with the least clothing are least likely to win — get it?), the piece will appear every day from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day from November 12 to November 19, with a rotating cast of increasingly nude card sharks. Now remember, going down to Leonard Street to see hot, art-scene boys and girls strip down totally misses point of this Rawlsian critique of modern capitalism. But if it happens, we're not going to complain. (DNA)
Photo: Via DNA

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