Rad Or Bad: Velcro Hair Accessories

We live in an age of stick-on beauty — everything from our nail art to our eyeshadow can now be pressed on with minimal effort and very little skill. Add one more to that ever-expanding list with the launch next month of Scünci's Press-On hair accessories.
These elaborate hair accessories are backed with the equivalent of hair velcro — grippy, miniature hooks that self-adhere to the hair. Simply press them on top of your hairstyle and they'll grasp onto the hair and stay in place without any pins or clips required.
We've spent more than our fair share of time struggling with decorative clips, trying (and usually failing) to get them in just the right spot, which is why we're intrigued by these grippy accents. By eliminating the tricky clips, these allow you to add a statement piece to your 'do without having to spend time perfecting its placement.
The debut designs are a little cheesy, but we're holding out hope for seasonal updates with a little more panache. We see some serious possibilities for super-easy accessorizing with these pretty babies.
What say you: Are velcro hair accessories the next big thing, or have we hit the height of laziness?
Scünci Press-Ons, $5.99, available in April at CVS.
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