I Tried Scrub Daddy’s Sexiest Product Yet: The Damp Duster

The sexual tension between consumers and cleaning products is both potent and undeniable. Whether it's Mr. Clean's biceps booming beneath his glistening gold hoop earring or a brand quite literally named Scrub (mac) Daddy — these companies capitalize on the inherently satisfying nature of their helpful inventions. If they didn't, hours and hours of #CleanTok footage wouldn't exist. And I wouldn't have discovered the ecstasy of seamlessly wiping up grime via the TikTok-viral Scrub Daddy Damp Duster.
Thanks to its spike in popularity, this moist, reusable sponge's price varies anywhere from $3 to $7 over the internet. What never wavers, however, is its ability to scoop up dirt and bounce back like nobody's business. If you're like me and too often neglect the falling sands of the hourglass — aka subconsciously forget to dust your home because it's unpleasant and time-consuming — scroll on. I implore you to read all about the benefits of buying Scrub Daddy's sexiest cleaning product yet.

What makes the Scrub Daddy Damp Duster different from a damp microfiber towel?

Albeit specific, this was my first question upon receiving, opening, and even using *gasp* the sponge. The answer, however, is in the ridges and the rinse. Scrub Daddy designed this sponge to effortlessly collect dust with its half-cylinder design, dampness, parallel grooves, and mysterious material (it feels like if foam and a smooth obsidian pebble had a squishy baby). But it also ensured it would survive swipe after swipe with a few trips to the faucet in between. Technically one could do the same with a microfiber towel, but after a certain point, throwing them in the wash is inevitable. From what I can tell after swiping my refrigerator, shelves, baseboards, and more, the Damp Duster comes out clean after a few water rinses and squeezes in the sink. Did I mention it's pre-moistened right out of the bag?
Now, the ridges, for your pleasure. They prevent dust from completely suffocating the sponge and fully absorbing into it — which, consequently, makes it easier to keep the sponge clean. Plus, unlike with a microfiber towel, it doesn't drip or coat your hand in water as you use it. Lastly, from a mental perspective, it's nice having a doohickey that makes dusting a casual, allergy-free (no particles flying around) weekly activity.
Important: Make sure to store it correctly. According to Amazon reviews, either leave it out and prepare to soak it for a few minutes upon next use. Or, store it in a baggy to keep it moist day in and day out (my preference).

 If it does get hard and stiff, just run water over it and it will come back to life!

Mayko, amazon reviewer

What were the results?

The results are in: The Damp Duster is damp, and it dusts. Jokes aside, I'm thoroughly impressed by how I swiped the top of my fridge three times and could see my hand's reflection in it after 30 seconds. Where was this when I scrambled to clean the kitchen last minute upon hearing my mom come home after work as a kid? Where was this when I feather-dusted my windows and sneezed a good seven times? Where was this when the thought of dusting all the surfaces in my apartment made me go take a nap instead? I will say that it dusts, but it doesn't clean, and you're not supposed to use it with a cleaning solution. So, I still spray the surfaces with Lysol cleaner after to take away the germs.
Plus, like some reviewers mention, the sponge occasionally leaves pills of dust toward the end of your swipe on different surfaces. Can you quickly wipe it off with a dry towel or your hand? Yes — but it's worth noting.

It grabs the dust and dirt like nothing I have ever used before.

kre1525, amazon reviewer

Girl, will you please dust more often?

Yes! I officially have no excuses. Pinky swear.

The verdict

Pros: Easy handling, reusable material, affordable price, no dust in the air, and low-maintenance dusting. Cons: It leaves leftover small dust clumps on different surfaces (i.e. my raw wooden shelf), dries up with improper storage, and I couldn't find it for like two hours once because it's small and inconspicuous.
I think the pros outweigh the cons, and quite frankly, I find the usual spotless swipe incredibly sexy. In short, succumb to the seductive wiles of this $4 sponge, and add it to your cart.
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