Daily Diversion: Screenshots Of Despair Reminds Us How Lonely The Web Can Be

The Internet is a dark place. With social networking, Likes, retweets, pins, and buddies, it's resoundingly easy to see just how un-social networking can really be in a space so vast. The web has repurposed a lot of our weightier words, like "empty" (as in inbox) or "friend" (as in Facebook), leaving in its wake some sort of obvious but still troubling existential quandary — your lack of notifications translates into a lack of human connection. Womp womp.
A new Tumblr demonstrates how sad it can be when the net quantifies your life and reports dismal results, accumulating what the blog calls "Screenshots Of Despair." Despair, apparently, comes in shapes of lonely Seamless orders, empty Gmail chat boxes, and Facebook's habit of asking you to Like the unlikeable. So, go ahead, feel a little sorry for yourself, and if you see that this post has a big fat goose egg next to its Facebook "Likes", well...you'll know what to do.

Photo: Courtesy of Screenshots Of Despair


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