This Scented Toilet Paper Is Printed All Over With Tiny Magical Dolls

Photo: Courtesy of Nalata Nalata.
There's no cause for celebration quite like a new apartment, and no better way to augment your wine and budget vodka selection faster than inviting a few friends over for a housewarming party. But, the next time you're invited to your bestie's crashpad christening, stop and think before you reach for that box of Franzia. Do you want to give the expected gift? Or do you want to go the extra mile? I'm an extra mile kinda guy, so when my friends asked me to stop by their newly decorated space the other week, I gave them toilet paper. No, not like a six-pack of Charmin — although it is huggably soft. A single. Roll. Of toilet paper. "TP." Bath tissue. Sh*tter paper. Nalata Nalata's Daruma toilet paper is both scented and printed all over with tiny magical dolls that bring good fortune. The product copy (which is written in the first-person, naturally) declares there's no, "wrong time to keep your eye on the prize" and encourages, uh — users? — to "grab a roll and dream big!" So, the next time a colleague is priced out of Bushwick, be the friend who dreams big. Be the friend who gifts scented toilet paper.

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