Reason #1 To Stay Single: These Craigslist Ads

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Okay. Seriously. Was there a memo or something because all of a sudden with the recent temperature hike, there are cute couples EVERYWHERE. Seriously, where did they all come from?! But before you join the bandwagon and commit for the summer, check out the two most horrifying boyfriends we found on Craigslist that could be yours, right now...if you dare.
Mr. Ex-Husband (27 years old, Williamsburg) is looking for his future ex-wife with "unrotten eyes" who will call dibs on your nail clippings when you divorce — just for "kicks and giggles," of course — and, um, the tax break.
Lucky guy #2 (43 years old, Soho) has only three simple rules! Feed him, make love to him, and don't talk during Sportscenter. In exchange, he'll order Chinese, make love to you (oh, gee, thanks), and won't talk during Real Housewives. Aw, how did he know?
Ladies ladies, try not to rush to your computers too quickly! Things have only begun to heat up around here, and with the currently creep-tastic selection of future romances, we're willing to be a little more patient in finding our next spring fling.

Photo: Via Craigslist

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