ScarJo Thinks She Looks Like a Little Boy (And More Of Her Style Ramblings)

moet-scarlett-johansson"First thing in the morning I think I look just like a little boy. It's only the boobs that give me away." And so begins a rather rambling dispatch by the alluring, if not always eloquent, Scarlett Johansson on her sundry dressing habits published by The Guardian. Dressed or undressed, "puffy, clean and morningy" or not, we think it would be a tad difficult to confuse ScarJo with a little leaguer, but we'll take her word for it (she's got more experience in this than we'll ever have). In any case, the finer points of Ms. Johansson's personal style drip from her lips like poetry… or an Ambien-influenced email—whichever:
"The one thing I know I'd never do is go out without a bra…It's so important to have a good structure under your clothes. I don't wear one to sleep in, God no - all squished!"
"I loved David Bowie when I was in high school - he was a huge style influence growing up. And Lauren Bacall, Faye Dunaway and Lucille Ball. "

"I live such a low-key lifestyle that it would be bizarre to hear 'You're beautiful!' constantly. I don't want to think what that might do to a person."
"I don't draw very well, but it was fun working with Reebok to create a collection, and at times I've thought about how nice it would be to do a cocktail-attire line."
"I think it's mainly about being confident and comfortable, but I have this black velvet '30s cape that always makes me feel glamorous."
"The smell of the old clothes didn't bother me. I don't think you care about what you smell like when you're 10—that comes later."
The best part about the article is that it reads much like the way most of us sound in the middle of a Bellini brunch—and let's face it, who wouldn't want to brunch with Scarlett?
Read the rest of the article here. Photo via Moët & Chandon

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