Scam Alert: R29 Gets Phished But We’ll Get Even

phishing-0611Dear Readers and Subscribers,
Some of you might have received strange, supposedly "private", messages, from Refinery29 for the last several days. Well, just like that time you won the Spanish lottery or when that Nigerian prince asked you to front him a few thousand to get his fortune out of hock, these messages addressed from the Refinery29 forums are a straight-up Internet scam. In computer nerd lingo, we've been Phished. Like facebook phishers, these hackers are trying to pretend that Refinery29 sent you something. We've been told that when you get phished, you've arrived but It's illegal, it's annoying, and it sucks. Rest assured, we're fixing the problem. In the meantime, please ignore these emails and keep tuned to the Pipeline for real news.
Image via Vogue.

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