Sasha and Freja Scare the Tourists In This Times Square Editorial From V

When we first visited New York City back when we were clarinet-playing high-school band tourists, the biggest impact the city had on us was Times Square. The bright lights, the throngs of people, TRL (remember!?) all stood out as quintessentially Manhattan. But now that we've been here awhile, the Midtown destination's lost some of its magic, and we're far more prone to notice the congestion than the charm. So, we were beyond pleased when we saw this Mario Sorrenti editorial from V that brought some excitement back to the area. Sasha Pivovarova and Freja Beha Erichson do their best couture poses in the middle of the city and are shot from below so their Margiela cloud dresses, Alexander McQueen head-dresses, and those leather YSL overalls seem as looming as the high-rises behind them. As for the tourists in the background, we can't help but envy their Times Square experience--and don't knock 'em for their confused faces. If you saw two cellophane-clad ladies wearing soda cans on their heads outside the M&Ms store, you'd totally do the same. (V Magazine)

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