9 Of S.F.’s Most Stylish Shopgirls Play Dress Up!

While we never shy away from showcasing our fave S.F. shops, we’re well aware that when it comes to making retail magic happen, there’s more to it than impeccably styled storefronts and merch galore. And whenever we wander into stellar stores like Mira Mira, Harputs, or Bastille, we just can’t help but notice the well-dressed, friendly darlings behind the counter.
These ladies are the ones busting their (fashionable) butts to help outfit us in outstanding garb on the reg. So, we’re shining some light on the savvy sisters behind the scenes. Since it’s a given these gals have enviable taste (and wardrobes), we’ve tapped them to divulge deets, talk shop, and dress up with the goods from their respective retail havens. Ready to meet the mavens?
Photographed by Christine Ting