This Latte Art Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

If there’s one thing San Franciscans love more than artisanal coffee, it's art. Pair the two together and throw in some childhood nostalgia for good measure — and you’ve got a match made in heaven.
One S.F. barista is tugging at our heartstrings with some pretty impressive masterpieces, ranging from classic ‘90s cartoon characters to modern Minions. Melannie Aquino, who works at Elite Audio Coffee Bar, has been brewing up these artistic gems for the past three years and shows no signs of slowing. "I'm not sure what my next design is going to be, but lately I've been obsessed with drawing animals wearing beanies. Perhaps I'll create a new character," Aquino tells Refinery29.
Even if your busy adult life may not leave you time to watch your favorite animated shows of yore, that doesn’t mean you have to outgrow them completely. Take a look at the creative portraits we’ve rounded up from Acquino’s Instagram account. Oh, the memories.

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