Celebrity Chef Sam Talbot Shows Off His Clinton Street Casa

What is it about a man who can cook? Mmm, mmm, mmm—and we're not just talking about the food. Campbell's Soup references aside, next to an accent and a cute dog, skills in the kitchen are definitely on our list of deal-makers. And if they have all three? Sold! So, ladies (and gays), how lucky are we that we scored a tour of celebrity chef Sam Talbot's Clinton Street digs? Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, the Season 2 Top Chef alum not only boasts two restaurants in New York, the in-house eatery at Surf Lodge and the Mondrian Soho's Imperial No. 9, but also is the very proud owner of Tank and Diva, a bulldog and a cat that must get some serious leftovers. Get your mouses, trackpads, and appetites ready, why don't you, and explore our photo-tour of the easy-on-the-eyes chef's casa. Plus, there's also a Q&A and captions by Sam himself (he really shut us down re: dating!). Those tats, too? We can be into bad boys, especially with a side of, say, organic black chickpeas.
Click here and tour hot celebrity chef Sam Talbot's L.E.S. Bachelor Pad!
Imperial No. 9, 9 Crosby Street (between Howard and Grand streets); 212-389-0000.
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Sam relaxes by his desk in his favorite pair of Chuck Taylors.

How would you describe your style? What do you like to wear in the kitchen?
"My style is laid-back and casual. In the kitchen, I prefer to wear an Oxford shirt made of light cotton that breathes well with jeans and my Native shoes."
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"The military photo is of my grandmother. My assistant got the tambourine from a Gypsy in Tompkins Square Park and gave it to me. And that lantern is from an old Italian U-boat."
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Sam greeted us in the foyer.

What is your favorite recipe? What do you like to cook for your family and friends?
"My favorite recipes are the ones that I just make up off the cuff. I enjoy cooking anything outdoors for friends and family."
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"The stool is from the '20s and came from an old milking school in Pennsylvania. The girly cards are from 1954, and the other card deck is from 1910. I know one card trick and I do it with either deck. The magnets are just rad."
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"My favorite piece in my house is my couch."
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"The wall colors were inspired by designers Gregory Bissonnette and Natane Boudreau—it was a creative collective."
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"My kitchen is purple because it's my favorite color, and obviously, the kitchen is my favorite room.
"The Beastie Boys-inspired both of the paintings. I painted 'Fuck That Diamond.'
"The hanging cloth elephant is actually a calendar from India that I bought in Tokyo, oddly enough."
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"My bumperstickers on my fridge are from my trips. I love to collect stickers when I travel."
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"I am fond of elephants because of their loyalty and their knowledge. I actually have a purple elephant tattooed on my ribcage."
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"Chateau Talbot is one of the greatest wineries in France. The Asian sculpture is vintage from Hong Kong."
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Sam always keeps a bowl of lollipops fully stocked.

What are your restaurant recommendations (beside Imperial No. 9!)? Do you have a favorite secret spot?
"My favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant in NYC is the Turkish kebob house on 2nd Avenue. And my favorite restaurant is Le Bernadin."
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"My cat, Diva."
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"My dog, Diva."

What kind of girl do you like? Do you find it hard to date while holding down the fort in two amazing restaurants?
"This question is not relevant."
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"The inspiration behind the bathroom is a mix of Mexican surf themes; The Superman is just badass."
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"The towels are the beach towels that they sell at The Surf Lodge. The painting is homage to Jay-Z’s album The Blueprint 3.''
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You've clearly traveled a lot! Where is your favorite place in the world to eat, and what places have inspired your cooking the most?
"My favorite place to eat is Kyoto, Japan. Every place that I have traveled has inspired my cooking, but mostly Japan and the east and west coasts of the U.S."
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"My mother and I share the same tattoo. It means 'eternal love, united for always.'"
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What was the inspiration behind your tattoos? How many do you have?
"Most of my tattoos are inspired by the people that I love and my beliefs. I have a lot of tattoos."

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