Sally Hershberger's Aphogee Hair Treatment Really Livens Up Tragic Locks

Full disclosure: Our editor Connie's hair has been through the wringer—from years of at-home dye jobs to spending hours in the sun without proper SPF hair product, her locks are the opposite of what appears in hair commercials. However, she stopped by Sally Hershberger to get stylist Chris Lospalluto to work his mojo on her mangled mane. The man's had his fingers in everything from MTV and Teen Vogue editorials to L'Wren Scott, Rag & Bone, and Cynthia Rowley fashion shows, so we even trusted him when he molded the fermented Aphogee restorative hair treatment (which smelled something like rotten Fig Newtons) into Connie's hair to produce a Kewpie hair sculpture. When paired with a rejuvenating mask and a conditioner, the treatment opens up hair follicles, strengthens broken hair, and smooths out the most abused of locks. The kit-and-kaboodle costs around $150, but how much would you pay for a time machine to bring your hair back to its virgin, pre-processed state? We're not ones to hawk quack products, so believe us when we say that Connie's hair hasn't looked or felt this good since Junior High. Pre-teen hair without the awkward pre-teen haircut—with this hair crack, you can definitely have the best of both worlds!
Ask for the Aphogee hair treatment with Chris Lospalluto.
Sally Hershberger, 17 East 71st Street (between Madison and 5th avenues); 212-535-3519

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