Sagittarius Love Horoscope – May 2016

If May had a love language it would be "acts of service." A posse of planets huddle in your helpful sixth house, making you Best Supporting Lovemate. Want to win loyalty points with bae or your latest crush? Be there as the rock-solid champion and the person with the practical advice. Looking for love? This month you may be attracted to someone more mature, even a little older. You could meet a match via a professional event near the 10th, when Jupiter and Venus sync up in your career zones. In an LTR? Starting a side business with your boo could be the perfect way to fund a future vacation or mortgage. And while the first half of May is all about them, don't worry, you'll have your moment from the 20th on when the sun beams into Gemini and your zone of committed relationships. An attractive "opposite" could sweep you off your statement sandals, or you could get exclusive with someone you've been dating casually. On the 21st, the first of a rare pair of Sagittarius full moons lights up the skies. This is your day to shine, no apologies. Don't worry about overwhelming a romantic interest with your passionate power. The right partner will love live-out-loud you. Give it a month: The rockstars you attract on the 21st could profess their love during the sequel Sagittarius full moon in June.
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