More Unnecessary Ryan Gosling Facts: He Likes Funny Socks

The Toronto Sun interviewed a (mystery) actor who appears in the upcoming movie, The Gangster Squad, with Ryan Gosling, and it turns out that not everyone is quite as enamored with Gosling's loveable eccentricities as we are. Says the unnamed actor, "He comes in wearing a lot of accessories, like red beaded scarves and funny socks. Some people talk about it. Everybody else just comes onto the set wearing jeans and a T-shirt."
When pressed for being sartorially closed-minded, he continued "Gosling is famous for his fashion sense, he's always on the top-dressed lists! The last time I looked, fashion goes hand in hand with being a star." Funny socks? Well then! Now we know what to add to the shrine that we may or may not keep in Gosling's honor. (The Toronto Sun)

Photo: Via Ides of March


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