Superhero Ryan Gosling Gets His Own Comic Book (Finally)

We all know Ryan Gosling has most of the technical qualifications of a superhero. He saves women from speeding cars, thwarts violence at every turn, and can make your clothes fly off with telekinetic powers. He even has a demonic arch-enemy. But unlike, say, Batman or Spiderman, this muscle-bound adventurer has lacked the one thing all truly super heros possess — a comic book.

Well — BANG! KAPOW! SHAZAM! — we can finally strap on a cape on your crush because a new webcomic has debuted chronicling the adventures of The Amazing Ryan Gosling and the Knight of Newark, Mayor Cory Booker! While the tale of
Gosling & Booker
has only just begun, he's already rescued one life, flaunted some well-drawn biceps, and possibly saved the comic book industry. Uh... Avengers who? We can only imagine the other shirt-ripping dangers the Canadian Crusader will have to face. Stay tuned, true believers, for the continuing escapades of The Dreamtastic Duo! (Gosling & Booker)

Image: Via Gosling & Booker.

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