Model/Humanitarian Hosts A Rare Look Into The Real Afghanistan

We're always excited to hear about the frequent intersections between fashion and art, so we were obviously intrigued by Kyleigh Kuhn—the model and best friend of OC buyer Kate Foley—who's playing host to a photography exhibit simply titled Afghanistan at Rouge 58 in Williamsburg. The show features work by Ruvan Wijessoriya, shot during the pair's travels in Afghanistan for Roots of Peace. The result is a revealing insider's look into the lives of "real" people so often forgotten in the commotion of war: Women in private, men at work, and, most striking, children at school in a "yearbook" of 230 color portraits. The exhibition also unveils the odd commonalities between life in America and Afghanistan, like a child wearing a T-shirt with the message, "D&G, Dreams and Glamour" scrolled across it. This is not the stuff of your mom's Christmas vacation newsletter—it's an intense, sensitive portrayal of Afghan people removed from preconceived notions accumulated over the years of a difficult relationship between our two countries. For a chance to dig deeper, Kuhn will host drinks and a discussion this Monday, June 27.
"Afghanistan," photos by Ruvan Wijesooriya hosted by Kyleigh Kuhn, Monday, June 27, from 8:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. at Rouge 58 Gallery, 555 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn (between Lorimer Street and Union Avenue); no phone.
Click through to see a mini-preview of the exhibition, and check out more images at Ruvan's site.

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