Rodarte Makes The Most Expensive Socks In The World


Rodarte isn't exactly your go-to label for affordable basics, but we can get justifying their hefty price-tags if you're looking for a stand-out piece (mmm, specifically that blue Ming-style dress from spring '11!). But, their latest offering may just be a case of the emperor's new clothes—a pair of hand-crocheted socks that go for $500 at Opening Ceremony, which the
New York Post
dubbed the "most expensive socks in the world" (probably a slight hyperbole). The socks, while hand-crocheted and made of mohair and alpaca, cannot be washed ("spot clean only"), and are so hole-y they probably can only be worn once or twice. We know there's a fall sock craze in the air right now, and we're firmly behind it, but when it comes to spending a huge chunk of our rent money on fashion, we'll take the PS1 bag please. Check out the Post's video to see the Average Joe's reaction—our sentiments exactly:

Photo via New York Post.

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