Road Testing Rabbit Ears, Hipster of The Decade, and The Flea Moves To A Bank

Lara Stone shows off her girlish side with pigtails and pink florals in Vogue UK. (Fashion Gone Rogue)
Baby-teeth jewelry is absolutely terrifying, but also kind of adorable. (PSFK)
The Top 25 Faces of The Year as counted down by the blogosphere's favorite casting director. (COACD)
Italian Apparel is just like American Apparel except, you know, Italian. (Racked)

looks back on the year that was. (WWD)

Ms. Susie Bubble however, throws us a curveball and looks back on the '90s. (Style Bubble)
The brave, brave editors at The Cut road test the Louis Vuitton rabbit ears to the delight of some very fashion-forward toddlers. (The Cut)
Who is The Hipster of The Decade? That Dash Snow won't win seems a miscarriage of justice, (Gawker)
The streets fill with protesters raging against Ralph Lauren's Photoshop crimes. (Jezebel)
This winter, you can find the the Brooklyn Flea in the rather posh interiors of the Williamsburg Savings Bank Tower. (Gothamist)
Follow how the position of fashion stylist evolve from an obscure trade craft to, "the top possible girl's job of the Noughties." (Times UK)
For Christmas, Katie Grand wants world peace, the red tweed jacket from Chanel cruise, and to wake up looking like Lara Stone—in that order. (LOVE)
"She's got really good style… I rarely go shopping without her now. She tells me what she doesn't like or she'll say 'Mummy, you look nice' or 'That dress is amazing!' She's got it."—Kate Moss on her 7-year-old daughter, Lila Grace. (I'm Not Obsessed)

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