R.I.P John Hughes: Our Favorite Style Moments From the Most Iconic Brat Pack Films…

We were stunned yesterday to hear that John Hughes, the talented director who molded our adolescence with his simultaneously sensitive and hilarious depiction of Midwestern high schoolers and their angsty trials and tribulations, passed away at the age of 59. Though Hughes' rotating Brat Pack cast of characters often played pranks, flouted authority, and threw minor hissy fits, he managed to portray all of that teen spirit in style, so in honor of his timeless work, click ahead for our favorite John Hughes movie style moments.
Sixteen Candles
Hughes' first directorial effort introduced to us Molly Ringwald, one of the '80s top big screen style muses, and she kept things simple and delicate with floral dresses layered over pastel tees and blush-colored frocks, with the occasional skin-baring off the shoulder top—all the better to catch Jake Ryan's eye.
Breakfast Club
The veritable smorgasbord of personalities thrown together for one memorable session of Saturday detention made for a sweet variety of fashion choices, from Bender's beat-up boots and punky flannel to Claire's pretty, prim chocolate and dusty pink ensemble—we're still on the lookout for a leather jacket that looks half as amazing as hers.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Ferris' devil-may-care attitude translated perfectly to his kookily layered outfit for a day out on the town—but when the slouchy leather jacket came off to reveal a computer chip-like printed sweater vest during a rousing rendition of "Twist and Shout," he truly brought the house down.
Pretty in Pink
The titian-haired beauty truly came into her sartorial own in this classic as Andie Walsh, the New Wave thrift queen from the wrong side of the tracks who could make everything from a chopped-up '50s prom dress to a bunch of decidedly grandmotherly threads look downright fantastic. Andie's innovative ensembles were only rivaled by her best friend, Duckie, who managed to pull off clashing prints, bolo ties, and round sunglasses with aplomb, often in one outfit. Now if these two weren't a love match made in heaven, we don't know what is.

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